Backup power generator

Considering all of the power outages we have had lately in our state, it is important to have an alternative source of power so you and your family can carry on with work and life in Ann Arbor, Michigan. At a2homepros, we install backup power generators in your home or office building so you won’t ever have to worry about a blackout again. Our resident home improvement experts are fully licensed, certified and insured to perform the complete backup power generator installation from start to finish. When your neighbors lose power and all their food goes bad in the fridge, you will be sitting in a house with complete electricity, lights, air conditioning, stove, fridge – we make sure your power will stay in in case of an electrical emergency.

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If you call an individual you found in the local newspaper, they may or may not be licensed and certified. When it comes to electrical labor, it is very important to hire an accredited home improvement contractor such as a2homepros so the work is fully guaranteed with a complete warrantee. We can do small jobs as well as large remodeling, home improvement or renovation projects. Bathrooms, windows, kitchens are our specialty. It’s up to you. Your home in Ann Arbor, Michigan is your biggest asset, so why not call Ann Arbor’s #1 top rated home service contractor to do the job? There’s no risk when you call us, and we take care of everything including permits and city inspections. Call us today at 734-548-9910 to get started on your backup power generator installation. We’ve got your back – literally! There’s no need to ever go without air or heat or lights again. A2homepros will make sure the job is done quickly and correctly. We want you to be totally satisfied with every aspect of our work. Need a spruced up bathroom or kitchen? Or how about new windows? We can do it all.

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