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Flooring Installation Companies  Ann Arbor

Flooring Installation Companies Ann Arbor


 Thank you in advance for your interest in our products and services.  As the #1 home improvement and home remodeling company in Ann Arbor, Michigan for more than two decades, we are confident we can not only meet your needs, but we can go well beyond anything you can imagine.

The construction industry is not unlike any other industry today.  Technology and state of the art materials and processes enable us to provide remarkable and truly amazing products and service to our customers.  At A2HomePros, we guarantee your 100 percent satisfaction.

Flooring and Flooring Installation

 It is not everyday a homeowner thinks about replacing, repairing or updating the flooring in their home.  When the time comes, planning with the assistance of a professional flooring specialist from a reputable flooring installation company is important.  Like any product or service you seek, there are many flooring installation companies to choose from.

Call us anytime for a complimentary, no obligation flooring consultation 734-548-9910 or email us at info@a2homepros.com.  We will guide you through the process and educate you relative to the newest and most durable and aesthetically appealing flooring your money can buy.  You will have your new flooring installed soon thereafter.

Types of Flooring

 It has probably been many years since you looked at or thought about flooring.  Here are the most obvious possibilities:

  • Carpeting
  • Laminate
  • Hardwood
  • Natural Stone
  • Tile
  • LVT

“Carpeting is literally an ancient but beautiful idea.”

It originated back in the sixteenth century when merchants and explorers brought from Europe and the East rich textiles and rugs.  Carpeting is truly one of the most fundamental and truly beautiful parts of a modern home interior.

The popularity of carpeting is due to the following facts:

  1. Carpeting is cost effective.
  2. Carpeting is comfortable underfoot.
  3. Carpeting is easy to replace and install.
  4. Carpeting warms the flooring and is quiet to walk on.
  5. Carpeting comes in unlimited amounts of colors, piles and textures.

“Laminate flooring is very popular.”

 It is a manufactured product.  It simulates the look of other types of flooring products.  In years gone by, laminate floors were easy to spot.  Today’s technology, however, enables laminate flooring to create the realistic visual look and appeal of an elegant and high quality floor.

Today’s patterns and textures in laminate flooring literally mimic wood and even natural stone, for example.  The moderate cost and easy maintenance of laminate flooring is truly a selling point.

“Hardwood flooring is most always a part of the basic structure of your home.”

Instead of covering hardwood floors, it is very popular today to uncover hardwood floors or to install hardwood floors as the surface of choice.  Finishes and coatings are always being created that add durability and low maintenance characteristics to this type of flooring as well.

The natural characteristics of wood and the depth and visual warmth it can bring to the look and appearance of a room is hard to match by other types of flooring.   Hardwood flooring adds value to your home.  Wood is durable and quite diverse.  Cost, higher costs, is a bit of the downside of hardwood flooring.

“Natural stone and tile flooring are the most durable flooring you can buy.”

 Natural stone floors and tile flooring give a timeless presence to most any room.  Some rooms are more suitable such as bathrooms or kitchens to stone or tile flooring.  And, this type of flooring truly adds value to your home.

Natural stone and the materials that go into tile are amongst the oldest building materials, historically for flooring.  The materials literally come from the earth’s crust forming massive rock deposits called quarries.  These deposits come from all over the world such as Italy, Spain, India, Mexico and China. This contributes to the costliness of these types of flooring.

“LVT, otherwise known as, luxury vinyl tile flooring is state of the art flooring.”

LVT flooring is todays’ most popular durable, affordable and attractive alternative to carpeting, hardwood, laminate, ceramic, natural stone and tile flooring.  LVT flooring comes in materials that simulate the look of any of those flooring products but at a substantially reduced cost.

We hope this helps with your quest for the right flooring installation company in Ann Arbor.  There are so many possibilities in flooring. Let us consult and recommend some of today’s newest, best and cost effective flooring for your home.

We believe A2HomePros is amongst the best flooring installation companies in southeastern Michigan and can offer you the best flooring alternatives.  Review our website for more information at www.a2homepros.com.