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Gutter Cleaning – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Gutter Cleaning – Ann Arbor, Michigan



When water does not flow properly off your roof, your home’s appearance, landscaping, the deck or even the concrete around it can be compromised; over time, damage resulting in costly repairs may be the result.  Properly maintained gutters that channel the flow of water off the roof is the answer.


Call us at 734-548-9910 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  We are A2HomePros, a full service, versatile and multi-faceted Home Improvement Company.  This means, ‘we do it all’!!  We are a professional contractor who does everything from maintaining the exterior of your home to renovating and remodeling your home’s interior.


Let us come and give a complimentary inspection of your roofing system including exterior and interior surrounding areas.  The inspection will uncover any faulty drainage issues.  One of our highly experienced contractors will prepare a written evaluation and provide recommendations.  You are under no obligation. 


It just makes sense to have your roof inspected at least annually if not more often.  The climate in Michigan is ever changing.  This gives way to the potential for wear and tear that you cannot see from the street level until something goes wrong.


If gutter cleaning is all you need, we can complete the job in a couple hours.  If more extensive maintenance, repair or replacement of roofing or gutters is necessary, we can get the job done quickly, usually in one day.  We have a full team of certified, licensed specialists available 24/7.


Many home improvement projects come about as a result of emergencies such as water, mold or fire damage.  Our office is open and we have someone standing by 24/7 for these types of emergencies.  We react immediately to help you minimize damage to your home and restore your living environment to the quality space you deserve.


We have been providing our services to Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities for 23 years.  Our business has thrived over the years because our reputation is outstanding.   High quality workmanship done in a timely efficient manner at affordable pricing is important to us at A2HomePros.  We truly are ‘Pros’ when it comes to determining what needs to be done and completing the project to your satisfaction.


Visit our website at https://www.a2homepros.com for details of the projects we commonly do.  Some of them include:


  1. Window repair, replacement and installation
  2. Basement remodeling
  3. Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling
  4. Home renovation projects
  5. Attic work
  6. Drywall projects
  7. Sunroom and home office building
  8. Roofing projects


The list goes on and on.  Our customers have been very creative over the years.  We enjoy the challenge of building and remodeling to suit your needs and wants.


Call us today for a no cost, no obligation inspection 734-548-9910.  Leave the rest to us!