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VINYL SIDING REPAIR  Ann Arbor, Michigan




The addition of ‘vinyl siding’ to your home is a simple way to update and modernize the look of your home while adding protection to its structure against the elements of nature. But what about damaged or worn existing vinyl siding?


Many homeowners simply attempt “do-it-yourself” remedies for worn, damaged vinyl siding.   Repainting, scraping and staining vinyl siding is tiring and ultimately not very nice looking.


With the help of our siding professionals at A2HomePros, we can schedule a no cost inspection of your vinyl siding.  With the thorough inspection comes a written analysis of vinyl siding repair or replacement recommendations and an accurate estimate.  Again, we do this at no cost and with no intended obligation.  Contact us at 734-548-9910 or https://a2homepros.com.


We are a full-service, home improvement company located in your neighborhood here in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Our multi talented family has a proven reputation for remodeling, renovating and generally making your home into a place and space that is beautiful, comfortable and safe now and for years to come.


We offer many services to enhance the look and appeal of your living space.  The services can be for initial installation to repair and maintenance and finally to replacement of various household systems.  The major categories include but are not limited to the following:


  • Windows
  • Kitchen and Bath
  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Entry Doors
  • Room Additions
  • Room Expansions
  • Attics and Basements
  • Electrical and Plumbing
  • And, Many More Services


What About Your Vinyl Siding?

When your vinyl siding has been damaged by inclement weather or simply worn out from wear and tear, you can rely on us at A2HomePros for expert vinyl siding repair services before, during and after its installation.


If damage results in the need for insurance claim work, our friendly, courteous and knowledgeable office staff can complete all the necessary filings.  We take pride in getting you what you need in a timely, convenient manner.  Your complete satisfaction is our goal.


In the case of worn vinyl siding, there are a few good reasons to simply replace the vinyl siding.


  1. Increase your home’s value
  2. Provide energy efficiency
  3. Enhance your home’s appearance
  4. Minimize maintenance


Many homeowners are not aware of the selection of sidings available as well as the services available relative to siding.  Siding materials in today’s market have warranties ranging from 10-50 years.  They are designed to last almost a lifetime, resist cracking, rotting, termites, weather damage and many other issues.


At A2HomePros we offer complete siding tear-offs to covering existing siding.  Our professional siding staff will work with you personally to make sure you get the product and service best for you, guaranteed.


DON’T do it yourself season after season, year after year.  Invest in your home by engaging the services of not only an experienced siding professional but a family of home improvement professionals you can trust.


Creating and enhancing homes of distinction has been our business for 23 years and counting.  Consider A2HomePros for all your home improvement needs.  Let us inspect your vinyl siding soon.  Contact us at 734-548-9910 at your convenience, 24/7.